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On Campus - Student Housing Included

November 2020 - Basic Refrigeration

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Tim Gleba
For someone else

Two Week, hands-on training the basics of refrigeration. Includes appliance electrical theory, refrigerators, sealed system, dual evaporators, brazing, soldering, and Lokring.

Did you know that student housing is included with all courses?


Build the Foundation for a Successful Career

During the Basic Refrigeration Course, we essentially put you in our shoes for 2 weeks. Appliance repair is what we do for a living. Once you graduate, it’s our hope and expectation that you’ll be able to launch your own career and enjoy the same fulfillment we do. The appliance industry is in desperate need for qualified appliance repair technicians across the United States and Canada. We want to teach you the basic fundamentals at our fully stocked training facility with some of the latest appliances made on the market today for you to work on under the supervision of an instructor.

We provide the tools, the housing, the instructor, the product and a proven teaching formula that will ensure you make the most of your two week stay at our Academy Campus.

Here is the course outline:

1. Appliance Electrical Theory

Basic fundamentals when it comes to electricity and appliance repair.

2. Refrigerators

Basic fundamentals of repairing refrigerators. Includes basic sealed system training.

3. Practice Tests

When appropriate the instructor will open these practice tests for you take.

4. Course Evaluation

The State requires that we keep this information on file for them to review when they audit the Academy. Please answer honestly.

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